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My name is María Casuso, and since I was very little, I haved lived photography n my house, when it was not even digital. I accompanied my father in the laboratory, watching the paper copies come out with the developing liquids. I played with the enlarger and the colored filters. I spent entire afternoons looking at photos and slides. I liked helping prepare the film for the film rolls. And little by little I was hooked on this beautiful profession.

After years of studies, degrees, master degrees at different universities and countries, working for some companies, accumulating knowledge and experience, I decided work exclusively as Photographer, what I have always liked.

And now almost 15 years as a photojournalist, doing social photography (weddings, communions, baptisms, parties,...), working at conferences, for companies who needs to show their products or services, people who needs to update their profiles or web pages, etc.

I also like everything I studied and what I dedicated myself to for many years, Marketing, Consulting and Design. I have never stopped doing projects related to it.

So now, Casuso Imagen can not only offer you any On Demand Photography service or use our Image Bank, but we can also do Consulting Projects, advise you on the Image of your company, Training, or prepare a Marketing Plan for your business.

Contact us and we will be happy to assist you in whatever you need.



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